Wooden Caps for Cosmetics
Wooden Caps

Torneria Todeschini produces several wooden caps for cosmetics, which can be used for lipsticks, scents and creams.

In the cosmetics industry it is well known that packaging does its part in the selling process. A beautiful packaging captures the attention as much as a pleasing fragrance. The beauty of Torneria’s caps helps make cosmetic packaging an elegant item that can make the product unique and recognizable.

"Lipsticks, fragrances and creams will be embellished with the elegance of wooden caps for cosmetics, made by Torneria Todeschini's meticulous work."

Torneria Todeschini’s wooden caps are made in different shapes and sizes, according with the needs of our clients. Torneria Todeschini’s products includes several solutions, from the simplest to the most particular models. Once designed and made, the caps are varnished with different colours, honed and polished.

The caps for the creams, with their flat and round shapes, are a refined accessory, also used as a coaster for liquors and wines. Torneria Todeschini’s production is not limited to perfume caps, but it also includes those used in gastronomy.

Torneria Todeschini’s team follows every project in every phase, from the idea to the delivery. We guarantee punctuality of delivery times and respect for customer needs.

tappi in legno per cosmetici - Torneria legno Todeschini (Bergamo)

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